Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does Capital Equipment Inc. offer financing?

A: No. but we can offer recommendations of some financing companies who we have dealt with in the past.

Q: Can Capital Equipment Inc. arrange freight and rigging?

A: Yes, we can help arrange the freight. As far as the rigging, if the machine is located in our warehouse we can load the machine for a small fee. If the machine is located else where we can make the proper accommodation for the machine to be loaded by a rigging company.

Q: Does Capital Equipment Inc. deliver machinery locally?

A: Yes, we can deliver machinery if it is under 5000 lbs. However, there will be a delivery charge and the customer is responsible for unloading the machine.

Q: Does Capital Equipment Inc. sell tooling?

A: Yes, we do offer tooling that we do not list on our website. Our tooling inventory consists of end mill and collet holders, collets, cutters, inspection equipment, vices, and rotary tables.

Q: Does Capital Equipment Inc. offer trade ins?

A: Yes, we will accept other inventory from customers.

Q: Does Capital Equipment Inc. have machinery listed on eBay?

A: Yes, we sell our machinery on eBay. Please check out the “VISIT OUR EBAY STORE” link at the top of this page

Q: What are your hours?

A: Because we are a small business, our hours are flexible. We are usually there from 8 am to 5 pm. However, we are periodically out of the office so it is best to call beforehand. We can arrange to have someone there earlier or later than these hours as well.